Students, teachers, administrators and volunteers spend a lot of time in our schools. It is important for everyone to know and prepared for earthquakes and other incidents during school hours and activities. The Earthquake Early Warning System will be a great addition to each schools preparedness.

Administrators, teachers and staff, preparing your work environment is like a businesses preparedness but with the added challenge of caring, safe guarding and supporting the needs of the students.

For parents and students, having a plan, practicing and sharing the plan with those authorized to pick up the students is important. Collaborating with the administration, teachers and parent teacher organizations on preparedness, education, plans and communications is the next step. Additionally, if the school is not already participating in The Great WA ShakeOut, this is a great opportunity to move the discussion forward within the school community.

As The Earthquake Early Warning System develops and becomes available for the public, it will be available for school districts and schools to implement its abilities into its emergency plans. If you are a school administrator, facility director and would like to know more about The Earthquake Early Warning System and possibly be a pilot user, please contact us.

If you would like additional preparedness resources for schools, please visit the School Safety Center with the Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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