What Is Earthquake Early Warning?

The Earthquake Early Warning System provides lead time to take protective actions, once a severe earthquake has been detected and the alarm issued, thereby, helping to reduce personal and public injury, damage to property and critical infrastructure, as well as, helping to reduce the impact upon the environment and economic viability of our cities, towns and communities. In the future, the Earthquake Early Warning System will be able to send alerts to individuals and families, warning them of a large earthquake. Upon notice, they can initiate their family emergency and disaster plans to Drop, Cover and Hold On to give them optimal opportunity to prevent and reduce injuries during the violent shaking of the earthquake.

What if there was a way to tell you an earthquake has occurred… BEFORE the shaking started? 

Washington State has been designated as having an Extremely High Hazard for earthquakes as determined by the frequency and force of its earthquakes and ranks 2nd in Seismic Risk in the United States. Seismic Risk is based in terms of number of victims, damage to buildings and direct and indirect costs expected after an earthquake. WHAT IF …? What if you could send an alert prior to the severe shaking of a major earthquake, which could help save lives, preserve property and infrastructure, prevent environmental catastrophes and help preserve the economic vitality of the community and business/entity.


If you’re interested in learning about becoming a pilot user and sharing your information with us, get involved here.

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