Earthquake Early Warning
for the Pacific Northwest

The ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning system is currently operational for the US West Coast. When an earthquake strikes, seismic sensors quickly determine the earthquake’s location and magnitude, and send an alert to Pilot users likely to experience damaging shaking. This alert provides seconds to tens of seconds of warning – enough time for people and automated systems to take actions to protect against injury and damage.

Earthquake Early Warning is for everyone: It only takes seconds to Drop, Cover, and Hold on, or to pull your car over in a safe area. In seconds, mechanical processes could stop, preventing damage to sensitive equipment, ensuring faster recovery. Trains could be automatically ordered to slow and stop, reducing injury and loss of life, and preventing damage to the train cars. We’re always discovering new potential uses for the system, too, so if you have an idea, please, learn about and apply for a Pilot Project.

Please explore this site to learn more about the system, its capabilities, and how it can be used to improve your earthquake safety.

Visit the resources page to learn more about ways Earthquake Early Warning is being used in the US and around the world, how to protect yourself during earthquake shaking, and tips on how to prepare yourself for earthquake and tsunami hazards. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site, feel free to contact us.

This site is a collaborative effort with the State of Washington Emergency Management Department, Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup and Puget Sound Preparedness to help educate and prepare citizens and communities on the Earthquake Early Warning System and how to implement it into your emergency planning efforts.
The Earthquake Early Warning System (ShakeAlert) is a cooperative project between the USGS and university partners, including the the University of Washington, the University of Oregon, the University of California at Berkeley and the California Institute of Technology.

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